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Grenada – The Island of Spices

Grenada – The Island of Spices So, almost two years after our southern Caribbean cruise, here is the post about the last island we visited – Grenada. I knew almost next to nothing about the island but was very eager to visit it. Particularly I was very excited as Grenada is very close to South […]

Martinique – a piece of Europe in the Caribbean

After visiting Antigua (which wasn’t what we were expecting), we were wondering what the next island on our Caribbean cruise will be like. Fortunately, we really liked Martinique and found that the island was a mixture of European style architecture, beautiful sand beaches and Caribbean culture.

2015 – A year in Retrospection

As a whole, 2015 was a good year for me although I didn’t travel as much as I wanted to. In total I visited 7 countries, 6 of which new. That’s a lot of new countries for me in a year and I doubt I will repeat that number any time soon. That’s thanks to […]

Fly Over Canada: A virtual adventure

Fly over Canada is one of the newest tourist attractions in Vancouver and offers a different way to see Canada from above. Fly over Canada is a virtual, high technology, 4D flight over the territory of Canada, which shows the amazingly beautiful nature of Canada. Special effects like wind, rain, mist, scents and change in […]

Afternoon tea at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

My birthday and my husband’s birthday are respectively on October 10th and October 11th. Each year we celebrate on October 11th as we never celebrate birthdays in advance – only on the day or after it. Last year we went to Grouse Mountain and had one of the scariest experiences ever. We made the mistake […]

Why I am not posting regularly?

I haven‘t posted on the blog for more than 3 months. There are a lot of reason for that. Reasons, not excuses. I read somewhere that if you are a blogger you shouldn’t publish negative posts or complain about things or explain why you don’t publish. People obviously don’t want to read negative things. But […]

A Beach Day in Saint Lucia

Usually, when I dream about visiting a new place, I try to be realistic in my dreams so there is a bigger chance of them coming true. The Caribbean island of Saint Lucia was one of these places, which I secretly dreamed to visit one day but I wasn’t sure if that was actually going […]

St. Thomas – A peek into the past

The stories about pirates in the Caribbean and rich Europeans, who were sent to unknown lands to manage trading companies and banks probably originated from islands like St. Thomas and its capital city Charlotte Amalie. In 1691 the town was named after the wife of the Danish King Christian V and in its early days […]

A week in Oxford with a toddler

Every year we try to take a week or so off from work in the autumn and head to a sunny place so that we could charge our batteries with sunlight and vitamin D before the cold, grey, rainy Brussels winter hits.

Flying with a toddler across the Atlantic

A long-haul flight can be a challenge for an adult let alone for a toddler. I have travelled many times with my daughter across the Atlantic but I have never travelled with her alone until this June. My daughter and I, on a 24 hour trip, three flights, two connections and a car ride. I […]