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Fly Over Canada: A virtual adventure

Fly over Canada is one of the newest tourist attractions in Vancouver and offers a different way to see Canada from above. Fly over Canada is a virtual, high technology, 4D flight over the territory of Canada, which shows the amazingly beautiful nature of Canada. Special effects like wind, rain, mist, scents and change in […]

A trip to White Rock, BC – Photo Essay

White Rock is a small coastal town in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It is located 7 km north-west of the Canadian-American Border. It is named after a white boulder on the beach. This granite boulder has migrated south during the last glaciation. It is painted once a month to keep its color white.

Squamish: a weekend between the Sea and the Sky

Sea to Sky is a part of Highway 99 that connects Vancouver with Squamish and Whistler. In the city of West Vancouver the road goes along the water and meanders up north between the water and the mountains until you reach Squamish. This part of the Sea to Sky corridor offers scenic views of the […]

Being a tourist in my own city – Vancouver through the eyes of a local

It is hard to look at the city you live in through the eyes of a tourist. But I will try to do that and remember my first impressions of the city from 7 years ago when we moved to beautiful Vancouver.

Bike ride in the suburbs

The way the big North American cities are planned has always fascinated me. Let’s take Vancouver for example. A part of it is called Vancouver and is the biggest city in the Greater Vancouver Area (GVA). Downtown Vancouver is the centre of the whole area and that’s where most of the popular tourist attractions,