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Food and dining in an all-inclusive resort in Mexico

We have never been on a vacation in an all-inclusive resort. We travel mainly in the US and there is no such thing as all-inclusive there (only breakfast is included usually). Our hotel had seven restaurants, four bars and a deli café. We could visit all of them, sit down, order and eat without paying […]

Being a tourist in my own city – Vancouver through the eyes of a local

It is hard to look at the city you live in through the eyes of a tourist. But I will try to do that and remember my first impressions of the city from 7 years ago when we moved to beautiful Vancouver.

A day trip to Chichen-Itza

One thing that I really wanted to visit in Mexico was the Mayan ruins. There are many sites of Mayan ruins in the Yucatan peninsula but I wanted to go to Chichen-Itza – the most visited one that is chosen as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

Is Cancun Paradise on Earth?

If Paradise existed, in my imagination it would look like Cancun, Mexico! That is exactly how I can describe the place that we went to – like Paradise on Earth. I’ll admit, at first, we were a little nervous to go to Mexico. My husband was a little