2015 – A year in Retrospection

As a whole, 2015 was a good year for me although I didn’t travel as much as I wanted to. In total I visited 7 countries, 6 of which new. That’s a lot of new countries for me in a year and I doubt I will repeat that number any time soon. That’s thanks to our Caribbean Cruise, on which we visited 6 islands – Puerto Rico, Saint Thomas, Antigua, Martinique, Saint Lucia and Grenada.

And of course, the seventh country visited was the US. It is so close to Vancouver that we usually do several bigger trips and many one day shopping trips during the year.

The best moment of 2015

February 2015

The highlight of the year was without a doubt our Caribbean Cruise. Not only that I visited one of my dream destinations and six exotic islands, but this was also our first cruise. We really enjoyed this type of traveling and although you can’t experience the islands in depth, it is still worth it and I hope we will go on another cruise in the next several years. Being on a cruise is a great way to travel for people with kids and we found it very easy and pleasant to have our daughter there with us. She enjoyed the ship and the entertained there almost as much as we did and had so much fun. She still remembers the ship and talks about it often.

Post about the Caribbean (I still have to publish the post for Martinique and Grenada):

Caribbean Adventures

June 2015

This month we did a 3 day road trip to the Oregon Coast from Vancouver. We reached small coastal town of Bandon and then we made our way up north the Oregon Coast exploring the beaches and the nature. It was a lot of traveling and for three days we travelled 2,000 km but was totally worth it and we enjoyed it.

The post about our trip:

Oregon: A 3 day Road Trip

In June we did a day trip to the small Canadian town of White Rock – it is very close to the US border and catch the tide every time we go there.

A trip to White Rock, BC – Photo Essay

September 2015

In September we did a weekend getaway to Seattle. I didn’t write about it then but here is in a nutshell what we did and how we spent our time. Our daughter was with us and we decided to go to the Seattle Zoo so she can have fun and enjoy the animals. The weather was cold and rainy and I found this zoo very small (much smaller than the Portland Zoo which we visited in May 2014).

After that we spend our time around the Pike Place area in Seattle. This is probably our fourth of fifth time visiting Seattle, and each time we visit something different and we take it slowly. We don’t rush when we are there and we don’t visit too many things because it is only 2.5 hours south of Vancouver and we can literally visit whenever we want.

During this weekend in Seattle, the memory card of my camera got completely full with close to 8000 pictures. I have been taking these pictures in the last three years and never deleted them although I immediately download them on my computer. So at one point something happened with the memory card and I wasn’t able to delete or take any pictures. Whatever I tried, I couldn’t delete the pictures and I had to order online a new memory card. Which meant that for a month or so I couldn’t use my camera.

Seattle Zoo

Our daughter having fun in the Seattle Zoo


Last pictures with the camera

Seattle Zoo Giraffe

December 2015

Although we didn’t travel anywhere in December it was a very busy month. We had our companies Christmas parties and Kid’s Christmas parties, we had 3 kids’ birthday parties to go to, and we celebrated Christmas and New Years’ with our friends. In a sense I am glad December is over and I can just take it easy and relax more in January.

Christmas Party 2015

Work Christmas Party

The worst moment of 2015

May 2015

The worst moment of the year was actually not travel related but a health related issue that happened in May. Thank God everything is ok now but I had a really difficult month.

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How was your year? Where did you travel to in 2015?

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