Books I read recently and books I want to read

One of the things i enjoy doing in my free time is reading books. I usually read on the train when traveling to and from work, and in the evenings after we put our daughter to bed.

I usually say that I don’t have enough time to read books, but the truth is that sometimes I don’t have the patience to read books. My attention span is very short, similar to my daughter’ss and especially when I am at home there are so many distractions – TV, iPad, social media etc.

So, here is what I read recently and want I would like to read next:

By Elena Ferrante – The Neapolitan Novels:

I read:

My Brilliant Friend,

The Story of a New Name,

Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay

To read:

The Story of the Lost Child

I was so into these books that I read all three for a week each. Each of them has an ending that makes you want to read the next right away. But the last 4th book of the series was coming out on the market in September 2015. So I had to wait and I bought it, because if I wanted to borrow it from the library I was probably going to be number 233 and would have waited for ever. However, I still haven’t read it, I guess all the anxiousness to find out what happens evaporated a little bit.

The book tells the story of two Italian girls, two friends, and how their friendship changes over the years. Each book focuses on a different period of their lives. Everything that happens in the books is so close to how things happen in real life, that I often think that somebody told the real story of their lives and this is not fiction. The author uses a pseudonym and although he/she has been publishing books for more than 20 years, the identity of the author or if he is a man or a woman, still remains a mystery. I find that fascinating because nowadays almost everyone wants to become famous and to be known, and to make lots of money for a really short time.

The Story of the lost child - Copy The Story of a new name








By Agatha Christie

I read:

The Hollow

Hickory Dickory Dock

To read:

At Bertram Hotel’s and A Caribbean Mystery

I am a huge fan of Agatha Christie’s books since 2001. Over the years I have read so many of her books. Although they were written long time ago and may be a little slow sometimes, I still find them interesting and smart.

The Hollow - Copy Hickory Dickory Dock - Copy At Bertram's Hotel - Copy

By Paula Hawkins

The Girl on the Train

I read really good reviews about this book and was so eager to read it but I didn’t love it. Yes, it was interesting, dynamic, and with an elements of a mystery. But at the same time I found it kind of burdened me with too much details about other people’s huge problems in life and made me anxious and not feeling good just reading it. I finished it for a week but only because I wanted to find out what happens not that I couldn’t leave it because it was so interesting. However I think this is a book can turn into a great movie and actually be a better movie than a book.

The Girl on the Train - Copy

By Marie Condo

The life-changing magic of tidying up

These Japanese author is showing us how to tidy and organize our homes. My plan was to read the book and then start tidying up the house. But after I read just the first 20 pages I got this desire to start cleaning at home and to throw stuff up. So I put the book down and for several months I was organizing, tidying and throwing stuff out of the whole house and my office. So this book was definitely worth the money and served its purpose well – I started tidying up (but I generally like cleaning and putting everything in order so I didn’t need much convincing to do that).  And I still have to finish the book.

The life-changing magic of tidying up

By Krassi Zourkova


This is the first novel by the Bulgarian author Krassi Zourkova. This book sounds very promising and combines elements of the Greek mythology and Bulgarian legends about mystical creatures called “samodivi” or “wildalones”.


What did you read recently and what is on your “to read” list?

8 thoughts on “Books I read recently and books I want to read

  1. I felt the same about The Girl On The Train – I couldn’t put it down and yet it made me feel uneasy the whole way through. Maybe that’s a sign of a successful thriller though?! Not sure. You’ve given me some great other reads to add to my list, thanks!

    Polly xx

    1. Hi Polly, thanks for stopping by :). I am glad you found here some books that you would like to read.
      Yes, The girl on the train will definitely be a great movie 🙂

  2. I quite liked The Girl on The Train though the ending was a bit rubbish, I’ve recently finished The Widow which also has a rather poor ending but is a page turner

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