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Martinique – a piece of Europe in the Caribbean

After visiting Antigua (which wasn’t what we were expecting), we were wondering what the next island on our Caribbean cruise will be like. Fortunately, we really liked Martinique and found that the island was a mixture of European style architecture, beautiful sand beaches and Caribbean culture.

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A Beach Day in Saint Lucia

Usually, when I dream about visiting a new place, I try to be realistic in my dreams so there is a bigger chance of them coming true. The Caribbean island of Saint Lucia was one of these places, which I secretly dreamed to visit one day but I wasn’t sure if that was actually going to happen.

Surprisingly, that dream came through in 2015 – when I was researching the routes for our cruise, I chose one which included Saint Lucia.

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A taste of summer in February

We rarely travel somewhere in the first two months of the year although it is very common amongst Canadians. And it is understandable why – the winter in Canada is cold and snowy, and the skies are covered with dark clouds. Actually, the only time we travelled in February was in 2011 when we visited San Diego. It was summer in February and it was a little strange for me, because I always associate this month with lots of snow and cold weather.

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