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Mila’s birth story

Initially I never thought of sharing Mila’s birth story on the blog. However, I enjoy reading other blogger’s pregnancy updates and birth stories so I decided to share my experience with you.

Looking back and comparing my two deliveries – I can say that they were both very different. This second delivery was so much quicker and easier, and the pain was more tolerable (to my absolute surprise.

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Puerto Rico – The Island of Enchantment

Before embarking on our 7 day cruise in the Southern Caribbean, we had one day in San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico. With only one day it was clear that we wanted to spend it in the Old Town San Juan. When we arrived at the airport we immediately felt the high level of humidity in the air so typical for the Caribbean.

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Squamish: a weekend between the Sea and the Sky

Sea to Sky is a part of Highway 99 that connects Vancouver with Squamish and Whistler. In the city of West Vancouver the road goes along the water and meanders up north between the water and the mountains until you reach Squamish. This part of the Sea to Sky corridor offers scenic views of the ocean, the mountains, islands and lakes.

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Flying with a toddler across the Atlantic


Toddlers are not always that calm…

A long-haul flight can be a challenge for an adult let alone for a toddler. I have travelled many times with my daughter across the Atlantic but I have never travelled with her alone until this June. My daughter and I, on a 24 hour trip, three flights, two connections and a car ride. I prepared for the worst and I hoped for the best.

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Being a tourist in my own city – Vancouver through the eyes of a local

It is hard to look at the city you live in through the eyes of a tourist. But I will try to do that and remember my first impressions of the city from 7 years ago when we moved to beautiful Vancouver. Continue reading

Bike ride in the suburbs

The way the big North American cities are planned has always fascinated me.

Let’s take Vancouver for example. A part of it is called Vancouver and is the biggest city in the Greater Vancouver Area (GVA). Downtown Vancouver is the centre of the whole area and that’s where most of the popular tourist attractions, Continue reading